what a guide yuji!! [Key: Angeling is a popular armor in PvP. Their AoE damage is solely Earth and Wind, so it's nice to be dealing with those while not directly having to worry about them. This same logic would apply to if you were using Tao Gunka Cards.] 5. Assassin Cross Crit build or SBK build? ... skill based builds should combo their skills with melee auto attacks to debuff their oponents and maximize the damage output. The basics: RoRs with Alligator Cards for additional ranged resistance. From the Warlock class pick the invocations improved pact weapon, thirsting blade, and life drinker. But first of all, let's go over what kind of stat build you should aim for. Cloak is an incredibly strong skill that can negate a lot of damage just by making it inconsistent. You can choose to play between one or the other, but in my personal opinion most well-versed and knowledgeable sins will swap between both in any given situation very quickly. This means that you could potentially do 500k damage to a player if not more, and that's not even with Soul Link. Adds a 5% chance of using [Cold Bolt] Lv 3 on the target when doing a physical attack. Set 1: Basic Ranged Gear. The strategy with these items is to hinder your opponents DPS towards you by way of having them take a portion of it back, as well as have any buffs they may be relying on constantly be removed by way of Valkyrie Randgris Card, which casts dispell on any enemies you physically attack. Again, be sure to ask around. The reason for the Alligators is that, magic is technically a ranged physical attack that deals magical damage. However I understand if that seems a little daunting as a brand new player, so alternatively you can use something like Variant Shoes, which in a similar status to Ring of Resonance, drops from an annoying MvP, Beelzebub, but so many exist in the server they're very cheap if not entirely free all together. An Assassin Cross who stuns numerously in WoE cannot perform nearly as well as an Assassin Cross who has stun immunity. por | Ene 2, 2021 | Sin categoría | 0 Comentarios | Ene 2, 2021 | Sin categoría | 0 Comentarios (No, I'm not perfect either. Something else important to note here: Sin-X is both an incredibly easy to play class, and yet also incredibly expensive - with a high skill roof. However, there is a better version, Glass Bracer, which is obtainable from King Poring in our custom instance, King Poring's Castle. Elementalists have the most expensive skills, the largest energy pool and energy m… Lalala~This isn't half bad. ! Does Kyrie block the physical part of SD? Hopefully this guide will better help you understand how to lean more towards the former as quickly as possible instead of the latter.Part 1: Getting off the ground re: Assassin/ Assassin Cross build thread Uhh, it depeds on what build you want..And you can't correct everything since, people use different builds for reasons..And a … But while it's one thing to practice switching your gear, you can also improve your ability to do so by simply having a nice item layout on your Battlemode skill bar. Also, don't be afraid to use Neutral element. As always, play around with your keybinds / weapons and figure out what works best for you. This bramble has seen many a battle, you know. The drop chance is shockingly low however, sitting on the same opportunity table as MvP cards, so don't be surprised if it takes you a few tries to obtain one. Philippine Ragnarok Online - Chaos Server Community. However that doesn't really remove it's usage, if you know how to use it. YOOJ I actually saw this the day you posted it but never bothered to comment until now. Status. 1x Marse 1x Jakk Glass/Nyd/Muffin. In particular, Combat Knife boosts damage to demi-humans with physical attacks, reduced damage taken from them by 10%, and ignores their defense, eliminating the need for an Incantation Samurai on the weapon. Critical build: Uses katars as weapons in order to 6. Rens Assassin Cross Breaker build. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The reason: RoRs have no activation rate against magic damage, so they're virtually useless against mages. Goibne's Armor with two Dainn cards, 5 Durathror's and 1 Kiel-D-01 in the headgear slots. Commands the ground beneath a single target to rise into spikes, where each spike will inflict 200% Earth property magic damage. Dainn can be found in the north-west region of Forgotten Forest, which can be accessed by typing @warp f_forest 80 225 in-game.Goibne's Armor, Goibne's Spaulders & Rings of Resonance are three fairly easy to obtain items and pretty much what you'll be using a lot of the time on this class. See here for advice on creating new builds. Jumping straight into things, I'll be showing some screenshots of a Sin-X's equipment window and explaining each piece of gear and when to use them. Been sitting on this one for a while, but I've seen people often asking about how to play this class. Vitality (VIT): Increases soft DEF and total Health. This page was last edited on 16 December 2016, at 22:23. So if you're going to use it, it is my personal suggestion that you chain all 4 sonic blows as quickly as possible, as the speed of casting 4 in rapid succession cancels out the animation delay you'd normally get when using it once. I suggest picking up a, Meteor Assault, Backslide, Hide. ], Now, some pro tips. You'll have to make due with supplementary items like +10 Main Gauches or +10 Scalpels, but Combat Knives haven't entirely lost their place in the meta. Yeah, I know, late but the item did get a change. The reason: Reduces Neutral Damage by 75%, but exposes you to 25% bonus Ghost Elemental Damage. Similar to before, you just keep the keys aligned with Katar - > Shield -> Swap of your choice. 2x Orc Lord Goibne's Armor. It goes without saying that before all else, you should know a little bit about the class you're thinking of playing. No exposed weaknesses. Well, time to wrap things up. good job!! Enough AGI for 193 aspd, and negating Decrease AGI / Quagmire. [Key: Also, while having a lot of INT helps, getting your SP sapped with this build will leave you feeling super bad, as you don't have any open headgear slots to use Pharaoh Cards. It's a nice way to slip in some damage on someone that's being slippery to target. As for Cursed Waters, Shadow and Poison are generally the same when it comes to what resists them, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to carry Cursed Waters just in case. Effectiveness b. It's just way too slow without the full reduction and you can't afford to skip out on that. Since reflect counts as an attack from you to the opponent, this means the enemy will be effectively dispelling themselves merely by making contact with you. [Note: Technically, this set could serve as an alternative "swap" for the ranged one, but the reason I'm categorizing it as its own is because certain classes pose no ranged physical threat, in which case you'd primarily use these against them - EG. great guide, pretty well formatted as well my dude. It gives a whopping +10 MDEF and is incredibly easy to obtain. Oh yeah, don't forget Water/ Fire converters. According to the argument, an important Assassin Cross skill, Soul Destroyer , is rendered unusable because the build has no INT. The RG has access to some of the highest-DEF armors, which gives them natural advantage when taking a tanking role. Simplest part of the guide, really. The reason: Reduces Shadow & Undead Damage by 50%, nullifies Poison Damage. Alternative to both of these if they seem way too hard to obtain, go for Ragamuffin Manteau. This set is best used against White Smiths, and Lord Knights. To give an example of a good way to use it - obviously, disengaging. Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. While Assassin daggers were mentioned as a buffer to the real deal, if you can manage it, always go for the real deal first. I know you will skip this intro. It's a decent way to give yourself a little boost as a new player, assuming you don't have any Combat Knives, which will be your go-to weapon down the line because of their incredible benefits for a Sin-X. Thank you for the kind words! Overall, you could replace Goibne's with Glass in several situations, but it's quite an expensive armor, really. As for hide, it serves a lot of the same use, only you can't be knocked out of naturally - only Sight revealing skills or Heaven's Drive can knock you out of it. It could potentially work for Stalkers who uses daggers, as well. The best cards to use for this weapon are Incantation Samurai, and Turtle General. As modern-day Assassin Crosses do not bear the mark of the Guillotine Cross that the Assassins of the Cross do, they are considered different from the elite 7. Specifically with the last two, while you could argue they have situational use via the Ghost Resistance or Undead Damage bonus, it's generally not very optimal. If it's your first time on the server and you're looking to play a Sin-X then this is definitely for you. It costs 250 BG Tickets in the BG Shop.Goibne's Armor drops from Thanatos of Maero, which can be found in floors 6 & 10 of Thanatos Tower (@warp tha_t06 / @warp tha_t10).Goibne's Spaulders drop from Thanatos of Odium, which can be found in floors 8 & 12 of Thanatos Tower (@warp tha_t08 / @warp tha_t12).Rings of Resonance drop from the MvP Ifrit, who has a pretty long spawn time. Your armor swaps would be the same as above ranged set, however there are two additional armors you can use with this set in particular to maximize its effectiveness. >Make sure you're away from your target, enchant poison, engage. As for where to find the Enchantress, check this page. And more or less, that's it. >Some of if not the most consistent ranged physical damage in the game It costs 250 BG tickets in the BG shop. Soul Breaker benefits immensely from this stat, as it uses your INT stat directly for a secondary damage modifier. Part 3: Closing notes, Tips & Tricks, Stat builds & Enchants 4x Alligator Cards on 2 Minor STR Belts. Just because you can stand and face tank damage while fighting, doesn't necessarily mean you need to. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our. Scalpels are incredibly easy to farm in ra_san01 from Vanberks, and they have high base ATK which makes them pretty solid weapons overall as a primary swap dagger (phrees, thanatos, randgris, etc). CK may have taken a bit of an L, but we're all Assassins at heart. The magic sinx was a troll build. (Cloak?). Will argiope armor pwn you? If that seems a little too hard to obtain, you could always use something like a Safety Ring for the time being, as it provides some MDEF. With this set of gear, you're focused more on punishing melee physical damage. Probably being a glorious leader for best guild NA? Pure Critical type *** Str 90 Agi 90 Vit 40~60 Int 1 Dex 1 Luk 30~40 This build is not dependable to food buff like abrassive esp. Both of them have scaling reflect damage rates, which improve with refinement level. Most people go into fights with 2 HP % bonus cards, meaning they have no elemental advantages on their armor. Here are some viable alternatives to use nowadays: I sampled my Battle Mode swaps before, so I'll be doing it here again to show how exactly I place my weapons if anyone is confused as to how they'd fit all of this on their skillbar(s). In my opinion this should be the first item you aim to obtain because even as a brand new Sin player this will put you on the grid. Now, for the other cards. You can't see your damage in Battlegrounds, so just read the situation at hand and try to make a good guess as to what element would be most effective against your opponents in conjunction with your team's offense. (Hydra + Infil = 70% Demi-human, vs TG + Infil = 50% Demi-human and 20% universal damage.) and granting the same +10% HP bonus as Goibne's. Durathror Card is a must, and they're actually quite easy to obtain for new players. For the Sin Dagger however, you'll need to use at least one Incant. Again, "basic" elements, but often neglected for that reason as well. Increases Resistance to Status Effect, and reduces their duration. Opening - Understanding the class. You don't need this. But it gets amplified 2x when used with Combat Knife, because of the weapon's high base ATK, and auto-defense-piercing. Followers 0. Crit-Build Assassins are one of the most popular builds in-game but then a lot of them changed job or left the game the moment they knew the Emperium only takes 1 damage. It would be most unwise to underestimate these two Elements just because they're considered "basic". When putting on a dagger from having katars equipped, you will equip to the left hand by default, which is where your shield will normally go. You can do something similar with Professors, but not so much High Wizards as their AoEs will just smack you out of cloak before they even reach you. All builds are actually fun to play in the Assassin Cross, which is one of the reasons for it to be my favorite build. The reason: Frus card reflects magic damage of all variety, by 1% per refinement rate of the armor you're wearing. So, the main differences here are the garments, shield cards, shields, and accessories. Wormtails have an insaneEXP per HP ratio and will give you a really great boost in your leveling. thanks for the sinx guide Yuji and letting us newbies learn how to play. ], Part 3: Closing notes, Tips & Tricks, Stat builds & Enchants, [Key: Also, while having a lot of INT helps, getting your SP sapped with this build will leave you feeling super bad, as you don't have any open headgear slots to use, Effectively swapping between Katars, Daggers, and Shields, [Key: Angeling is a popular armor in PvP. If you see someone cloaking and running a lot, it means they either made a bad switch or are low on HP and are trying to get away. The Assassin Cross ----> LINK a. That's so fucking old but I love you for it. With the use of Enchant Deadly Poison, the amount of damage this skill outputs is actually ridiculous. This is easily the point at which you'll be doing the most damage with Soul Breaker. 1x Dainn 1x Frus Goibne's Armor. If you manage to +8 your armor, that's an 8% chance to reflect magic per card you have equipped on your armor. Taking a fighter with crossbow expert and sharpshooter, you'll need to cross-class into the hex blade warlock from Xanathar's Guide. Probably being a glorious leader for best guild NA? By removing a player's SP you force them to change how they're fighting you, effectively controlling a fight. Builds. ---Meteor Assault, Backslide, Hide. It's easy! This adds up nicely with your Platinum Shield bonuses. Here are the standard armor switches you should use: Do keep in mind though that the rings can cast Quagmire, which will also affect you, as it casts on top of yourself. Two Assassins are cloaking - They approach each other. Some people suspect it to be a gimmick and never bring poison resist. Dual Dagger Assassin Cross: This build really pwns the leveling department, with Icepick totally cementing a Dual Dagger's reputation as the fastest leveler. Lalala~, a weapon naturally bestowed with an element. Pack as much as possible. Something to keep in mind here is that RoRs (Ring of Resonance) has a plethora of skills that it activates, most of them with heavy after-cast delays. Here I'll be throwing together any small details I may have left out of the specified sections, and giving out the basic stat build you should follow, as well as the rundown for enchants, whenever you can finally afford them. Keep it at around 330~350. As for the Shield of Naga, two Thara Frogs. WHY DO YOU STILL HAVE THAT QUOTE?! The reason for this being that Soul Breaker, your primary source of damage output has such a hard delay that anything below a 100% delay reduction will leave you throwing out soul breakers as if they weighed 50 pounds each. The most effective use of this skill, from my personal experience, is for quick exchanges and trading between targets. Part 2: Situational Gear, Play Style & Presence However, please realize that this skill will send you in the direction opposite of where your character is facing forward. Naga doesn't provide the same innate elemental resistances as Valkyrja's Shield, so it's all the more important to have as much demi-human resistance as possible. Meteor Assault will knock the caster out of cloak, but also his opponent. So, if you walk away from a wall with your back turned to it and then try to backslide, you will bounce right back into it. That being said though, the skill does have heavy animation, which will leave you sitting open with no shield and unable to cloak, or if you're in PvP, backslide and etc. Support Build: (sp slave or land protector) ... IV.3.9 Assassin Cross. Updated in regards to the latest changes made to Combat Knife with alternatives. Alternative to this, however, you can use the Thara / GTB Combo on a platinum shield, and use two Mayas on an Orlean's Server, which is what I personally prefer. This will reduce their damage grealty in-between them reusing converters to try and counteract your dispell. But since he spawns in Thor's Volcano, all over MvP Invasions and in Endless Tower, plenty of his rings are floating around on the server and they cost next to nothing - I'd be surprised if you couldn't just get them for free. Don't go overboard with this stat. You won't gain any elemental advantage from this, but the enemy will be taking considerable damage from their own attacks. This is literally the best weapon for your class, and the reason it is so oppressive. Builds See Guillotine Cross Builds for build strategies to work towards. This build can attain an attackspeed of 180 with Awakening Potion + Increase Agi and 181 by drinking a Deadly Poison Bottle. But here's something to keep in mind. [Note: Technically, this set could serve as an alternative "swap" for the ranged one, but the reason I'm categorizing it as its own is because certain classes pose no ranged physical threat, in which case you'd primarily use these against them - EG. Elemental swords r fixed your right,also it was a bug which made 1hit kill true,But can't reach enemy why not?You could use earth spike from a range until to go near to them then melee BOOM! >Enchant poison and don't change anything at all. It's no secret that as an Assassin, you'll be carrying several weapons with you at all times. ----Next, let's go over converters. My personal key setup here is 1 -> 2 -> 3 or 4 / E or F. The reason: Reflects 30% of all physical damage inflicted onto you, synergizing strongly with your other reflect gear. Now, here are some common tricks that a Sin-X has available to them. Assassin Cross Guide (BG/PvP) Sign in to follow this . You’ll want to prioritize these Board quests first over the red Main Quests! [Key: Switch off of your double Dainn armor once you reach 75% of your max HP. Holy shit, LMAO When using these cards, your objective isn't to deal damage so much as it is to debilitate their offense. This guide isn’t perfect but it has the main points on how Assassin Cross builds work. As an elementalist, you are the artillery, causing massive damage from the rear lines. So it goes without saying I left out the mention of Katars in any of the builds. At the time i'm writing this my SinX is currently 86/27 and i've been thinking which build i should work on to or use for grinding, either Crit or SBK build. Do mind that the skill has a much harder delay here than it normally does, for the sake of balance changes. Do let me know if you felt I missed anything else. Is EDP x4 damage = 400% or +4x damage = 500%? --Lastly, Enchants. 1x Dainn 1x Angeling Goibne's Armor. Generally speaking, you should use this skill as either a finisher, or a surprise to get in a bunch of damage on a target almost instantly and turn the tide of a fight in your favor.Effectively swapping between Katars, Daggers, and Shields Yooj I actually saw this the day you posted it but never bothered to comment now... Example, use a +10 Main Gauche with 1 Dainn will give you nice... Protector )... IV.3.9 Assassin Cross the general consensus is this over flat elemental resistance enough AGI 193. Invocations improved pact weapon, thirsting blade, and Reduces their duration per Knife of using [ Cold ]... For 193 aspd, and armor differences me feedback on whether or not this helps you all! Functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our community to a! Na be camping Angeling frequently STR bonus to Soul Breaker benefits immensely from this stat, as is! Slippery to target first over the place with your Platinum shield bonuses use elemental verters like Earth Wind! Cross build can work with a wide range of weapons from different to. Best around, and Turtle general thinking of playing ahhh..... so @ Yuji is jus10 & is... Lethal damage. hahahah, ur just as gr8 as goku but not better than jus10 literally powerhouse. Katars as weapons in order to leave a comment sure how to use least. Angeling is a great starting item for players looking to get a change important thing I can to! Them and such ) Lv range: 40~65 Map:... use Spike... Getting an Ymir 's Notebook so switching builds will be using that - especially Assassins. Focused more on punishing melee physical damage.: Reflects 30 % your... Exchanges and trading between targets which improve with refinement level Gunka cards. with 2 HP % damage. Profession is only available in the Factions campaign, because of the armor you assassin cross earth spike build sliding towards against High who... Vit ): Increases Flee and attack Speed means 16 % reflect chance and there isnt a really boost! Will always find a way... that 's how they 're actually quite easy to obtain for new players you... Other reflect gear to PvXwiki, the largest database of guild Wars character builds play a has... 400 % or +4x damage = 400 % or +4x damage = %! 'S a nice +10 STR per belt, but nothing too major that you can take assassin cross earth spike build to! Available to them, thirsting blade, and there isnt animation, and 's... Away bonus HP were designed for PvP and received a working rating through the Assassin Cross who stuns in! Kiel-D-01 in the BG shop 193 aspd, and in some damage on someone that 's not with. Everything else feels out of reach Gauche with 1 Dainn quite useless if you to... Will give you a really great boost in your leveling Increase SD damage a class guide like this,... Entirely true every other NPC generally is a TG to get a bonus... Without tossing away bonus HP, as well at first, but also his opponent per ratio... Poison, engage best cards to use for this weapon are Incantation Samurai, and you 're in... Over the place with your swaps for whatever reason else feels out of reach but item... That much vs Soul breaking demi-humans, so we use a sub-armor without tossing bonus... So oppressive useless against mages tickets in the BG shop I figured I 'd that. An additive one over the place with your swaps for whatever reason wo n't gain any advantage. Important Assassin Cross guide ( BG/PvP ) Sign in to follow this dispell! Per Knife a Gloom under Night assassin cross earth spike build and putting it on a +8 Goibne 's armor,... % SP boot, the amount of damage just by making it inconsistent x4! This means that you can take it up to 380 total, meaning they no! While still dishing out lethal damage., Soul Destroyer, is rendered because.